David Davenport joined Ceasons Holdings, a Texas private money lender, to assist his son John in growing the business John founded. Since joining his son in 2016, the number of investors participating in loans with Ceasons Holdings has increased more than 400% and the amount of pooled investment funds has increased more than 300%.

As a former student of Texas A&M University (class of ’78) with a degree in Building Construction, David’s career has centered on people relationships and property. After an initial career start in building construction and real estate development, David moved to IRM Insurance, a property reinsurance joint underwriting association owned by 20-member insurance companies, where he moved from field engineering to marketing underwriting to division manager responsible for company operations west of the Mississippi River

David then moved to the City of Irving Risk Management Office which was responsible for the City’s self-insurance programs. Working with 2,000 employees and 225,000 plus citizens, David implemented programs reducing property and liability losses, and targeting risk factors improving employee safety and improving personnel and vehicle safety. These efforts reduced claims and leveled expenses, resulting in two annual awards from the Public Risk Management Association of Texas.

Retiring to assist John was an honor and not a question. With Ceasons Holdings, David’s main focus is fostering investor relationships. David is also active in the field growing the radius for Ceasons Holdings loan opportunities to the Red River, east Texas, Abilene, and Austin.

To that end, David remains excited to see the Ceasons Holdings family and friends network grow, and to meet new borrowers and projects where many small business contractors are seeking innovations in affordable housing.