John Davenport is the founder and principal of Ceasons Holdings. A third-generation real estate lender, John combines decades of family expertise with front-line experience. He leads deal origination and servicing for bridge and hard money loans from $75,000 to more than $2.5 million, enabling investors to move quickly to accomplish their real estate goals.

Shortly after graduating from college, John went fishing with his grandfather, Billie Ellis, a self-made executive with a long and successful career in private money lending. Following wise counsel that encouraged his career interests in this area, John’s grandfather promptly told him it was “sink or swim” – that the best way to succeed was through determination and experience rather than assistance.

From 2006 to 2011, John gained ground-up expertise as a Lead Loan Associate with Delta 8 Capital and Ellis Management, LLC. At Delta 8, he increased the volume of closed deals by more than 200% within the first year while expanding the investor network.

In 2011, John founded Ceasons, leveraging an open pool format and a strong focus on the investor experience. John and Ceasons Holdings actively invest in loans. Since its inception, Ceasons has originated more than $218 million in loans, with 150% growth in assets under management over the past two years. Offering a handshake approach in a modern world, John is committed to leading through hard work, integrity, and follow-through.

John relates well with both borrowers and investors through his experiences as a Texas-licensed realtor, investor, landlord, and property manager. He graduated summa cum laude from Austin College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.